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Basic Beginners Guide

A very basic guide to Armored Core 6

Beginner's Guide to Armored Core 6

Welcome to the world of Armored Core 6, a fast-paced and strategic mech combat game. Whether you're new to the Armored Core series or just starting with this installment, this guide will help you get started on your journey to becoming a skilled mech pilot.

1. Understanding the Basics

Mechs and ACs

Armored Core 6 revolves around piloting giant robotic machines known as Armored Cores (ACs). These customizable mechs are equipped with various weapons, components, and abilities. Your objective is to engage in intense battles against other ACs or enemy forces.

Controls and Movement

Familiarize yourself with the controls. Learn how to move your mech forward, backward, strafe, jump, and boost. Precise control over your movement is crucial for evading attacks and positioning yourself advantageously.

2. Building Your AC

AC Customization

Experiment with the extensive customization options available. Customize your AC's appearance, weapons, armor, and various subsystems. Finding a balance between offense, defense, and mobility is key.

Weapon Types

Armored Core 6 offers a wide array of weapons, from rapid-firing machine guns to devastating energy cannons. Experiment with different weapon combinations to discover your preferred playstyle. Some common weapon types include:

  • Rifles: Balanced medium-range weapons.

  • Shotguns: Short-range spread weapons.

  • Missiles: Lock-on and fire homing projectiles.

  • Energy Weapons: Powerful energy-based attacks.

  • Melee Weapons: Blades and other close-combat options.

Component Management

Components like legs, arms, cores, and generators impact your AC's performance. Lightweight components offer better mobility, while heavy ones provide more durability. Experiment to find the right balance for your playstyle.

3. Starting the Journey

Single Player Campaign

Embark on the single-player campaign to experience the game's story and challenges. Missions range from escort missions to all-out battles. Completing missions earns you currency and unlocks new components and weapons.

Practice Mode

Before diving into battles, spend time in practice mode. Practice moving, aiming, and firing your weapons. This will help you get comfortable with your AC's controls and refine your combat skills.

4. Combat Strategies

Situational Awareness

Always be aware of your surroundings. Use cover, terrain, and obstacles to your advantage. Keep an eye on your radar to track enemy positions.

Energy Management

Your AC's energy is finite. Boosting, firing energy weapons, and using abilities consume energy. Manage your energy carefully to avoid being stranded in the middle of a battle.

Learning from Defeats

Losses are opportunities to learn. Analyze why you were defeated – was it your loadout, tactics, or movement? Adapt and refine your strategies accordingly.

5. Multiplayer Challenges

Online Battles

Armored Core 6 offers competitive online multiplayer modes. Engage in battles against other players' customized ACs. This is where your skills are truly put to the test.

Team Play

Consider team-based modes where communication and coordination are crucial. Work with your teammates to achieve victory through tactics and strategy.

6. Progression and Upgrades

Currency and Rewards

Completing missions, winning battles, and achieving objectives earn you currency. Spend this currency on new weapons, components, and cosmetic upgrades.

Component Blueprints

Some of the best components and weapons are obtained through blueprints. Earn blueprints by excelling in missions or multiplayer battles, then use them to craft advanced gear.

7. Advanced Tips

Firing Patterns

Experiment with different firing patterns for your weapons. Some weapons work best when fired in short bursts, while others excel in continuous fire.

Quick Boosting

Master the art of quick boosting to rapidly change direction or dodge incoming attacks. This can give you a significant advantage in battle.

Team Composition

In team battles, ensure your team has a balanced composition of roles – assault, support, and defense. This diversity can turn the tide in your favor.

8. Have Fun!

Remember that Armored Core 6 is about enjoying epic mech battles and unleashing your creativity through customization. Embrace the learning curve, adapt your strategies, and most importantly, have fun piloting your AC in this dynamic and exciting world.

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