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8/3/2023 - Updated some design elements of the forum and added a blog page. Also reduced the footer size to help with formatting on some pages.

8/1/2023 - Added all parts stats for Armored Core V - Verdict Day Credit to GodlyPerfection for the spreadsheet. Awesome work. Also Updated Last Raven parts and AC3 - Silent Line, credit to IWantYourSmiles on Reddit.

7/31/2023 - Huge shout out to Raven Republic. While most AC sites fizzled with AC4, YouTube and a host of other factors they kept going strong. A truly amazing asset to the AC community and a great partner site. An amazing resource run by some amazing people. Check them out HERE.

7/30/2023 - Added a huge number of parts and information to the Parts page for the first 7 games. The restoration process is slow from my old site but we will get there. Thank you all for your patience! Kids and a job really slow things down haha.

7/29/2023 - Started rebuilding AC-X now dubbed Eternal Core after more than a decade. It's been a lot of fun reaching out to some old friends while still searching for others!

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