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Armored Core - MOA

Below you will find the parts listed up to MOA. Below that you will find various secrets and how-to for the first 3 games.

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Tips and Secrets

There are 12 hidden parts, and 11 that can only be gained by getting a certain number of "Corporate Points". Here are the locations, and what you need to get them


Part Name:                             Location:
BEX-BB210                           Level 12, "Escort Train"
Destroy the next to the last car on the train. The hidden part is inside

DOX-ALM                           Level 13, "Guard Secret Information"
You need a head with a hacking function of at least 4. There is a room that contains 19 boxes, destroy these boxes. Destroy the grate under the boxes, the secret part lies below.

EHD-GN-92                           Level 14, "Ground Based Attack"
Under the North end of the bridge lies this part. Be careful not to fall off the ledge.

LS-MOONLIGHT                   Level 17, "Rescue Research Team"
As you ride the hover platform, jump off just before you reach the end. You will notice a section of the floor that looks different. Destroy it. The moonlight lies underground on a pedestal.

ZBT-GEX-/3000                      Level 19, "Infiltrate Radar Base"
When you reach the radar dishes outside you will see 6 warehouse's on your right. Blow open the doors to find this AC part.

EWM-S608                             Level 20, "Destroy Radar Base"
The S608 is located in the same warehouse as the ZBT-Gex-/3000.

KARASAWA-MK2                   Level 21, "Stop The Surface Weapon"
When you enter this mission you will see some hills to your right. At the base of those hills, almost out of bound lies the devastating Karasawa.

SP-BLS                                   Level 24, "Destroy Containers"
There is a ravine with some plane wreckage in it. Destroy the wreckage to find the part hiding behind it.

ZES-99/MIRROR                      Level 28, "Underground Railway"
You will find an Octagon tile on the floor that you will need to blow up to continue the mission. Before doing this blow up the identical tile on the ceiling, fly up and secure this hidden part.

ZWX-F04/ORBIT                     Level 31, "Zio City Suppression"
  This part is lying in the street. It is hard to find, but stick with it, it's a great weapon.

HOY-BV2500                           Level 34, "Eliminate Leos Klein"
  You need a head with a hacking function greater than 4. There is a door that can only be opened with a level 5 hacking head, the part is inside that room.

ZRL-774/WH                            AC Test Garage
In the AC test garage you will see a tile in the ceiling that can be destroyed. Shoot it many times then fly up to add this secret part to your inventory.

Part Name:                                Stipulation:
RBG-CLX5000                            +4 Emeraude Points
EWG-HC-GN210                         +4 Emeraude Points
ELN-701                                     +4 Emeraude Points
ELB-XXE-LAPIN                        +22 Emeraude Points
ZAW-2/SAMURAI                       +5 Zio Matrix Points
ZLR-M0C200/FG                        +5 Zio Matrix Points
ZWG-HC-IR/K99                         +5 Zio Matrix Points
ZLR-ZIO/MATRIX                      +24 Zio Matrix Points
HOY-B1000                                +11 Balena Points
RRX-COT-1550                          +11 Balena Points
SP-BCNDR                                +11 Balena Points

Mission Name & Number:                   # Of Points Gained
02 "MT Suppression"                              +1 Zio Matrix
05 "Attack Rektena Installation"           +2 Emeraude
07 "Capture Cargo"                               +3 Emeraude
08 "Defuse Explosives"                         +2 Emeraude
09 "Defend Arden River Lab"                + 2 Zio Matrix
11 "Assist Malena Base"                        +4 Zio Matrix
12 "Escort Train"                                 +3 Balena
13 "Guard Secret Information"              +4 Zio Matrix
14 "Ground Based Attack"                     +4 Emeraude
16 "Assault Underwater Base"                +3 Emeraude
17 "Rescue Research Team"                  +2 Zio Matrix
18 "Arden River Invasion"                     +4 Emeraude
19 "Infiltrate Radar Base"                      +3 Balena
21 "Stop The SRBIA Weapon"              +5 Balena
22 "Guard Rooftop HQ"                       +3 Zio Matrix
24 "Destroy The Containers"                +4 Zio Matrix
25 "Recover Stolen Files"                     +4 Zio Matrix
26 "Escort Submarine"                         +4 Zio Matrix

*Note you must be complete all the mission in order to get all the corporate parts. There in you must beat the game, then go back and finish the missions you missed. Use this chart to pick and choose your missions to get the parts you want as the game progresses.

How to get the 100% Completion


13 For securing all Hidden Ac Parts
9 For securing all Arena Parts
1 For Defeating the boss at the end of level 36
6 For defeating the arena Ac's that appear in the missions
1 For achieving the #1 status in the Arena
1 Per Sucessful Mission (36 in all)


Hidden AC Part Locations/Names:

BEX-BB210- Level 12, Escort Train
DOX-ALM- Level 13, Guard Secret Information
EHD-GN-92- Level 14, Ground Based Attack
LS-MOONLIGHT- Level 17, Rescue Research Team
ZBT-GEX/3000- Level 19, Infiltrate Radar Base
EWM-S608- Level 20, Destroy Radar Base
KARASAWA-MK2- Level 21, Stop the Surface Weapon
SP-BLS- Level 24, Destroy Containers
ZES-99/MIRROR- Level 28, Underground Railway
ZWX-F04/ORBIT- Level 31, Zio City Suppression
HOY-BV2500- Level 34, Eliminate Leos Klein
ZRL-774/WH- Ac Test Garage


Arena Parts List:

SP-OBRK- Must Reach Rank 40
DOX-ELENA- Must Reach Rank 30
ZEX-RS/HOUND- Must Reach Rank 20
INW-EM-RRD- Must Reach Rank 10
ZXR-S/STEALTH- Must Reach Rank 1
ZAW-SPLASH- Defeat "The Animal" (Rank 5)
EWR-M60- Defeat "Grenstone" (Rank 26) And Have 10 Emeraude Points*
ZWX-E90/MAC- Defeat "Divine Bloom" (Rank 23) And Have 6 Zio Matrix Points*
ZWF-S/NIGHT- Defeat "Suave" (Rank 15)


Arena Ac's Found In Missions:

Universal Star- Level 13, Guard Secret Information
Infinity- Level 29, Abort Missile Launch
Catastrophe- Level 12, Escort Train
Red Fury- Level 29, Abort Missile Launch
Mass- Level 20, Destroy Radar Base
Holy Mother- Level 23, Attack Research Team
Azure Sky No. 5- Level 35, Infiltrate STAI Battleship
Judas- Level 23, Attack Research Team

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